Address 17-km Lahore Side, G.T road Gujranwala Pakistan
Phone Number +92 (55) 340 9630

About Madni Textile

We at Madni Textiles are primarily the manufacturers and exporters of Home Textiles and Fabrics based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. The company was established in 1999 and since then it is making progress thanks to the efforts of our forefathers and the present management. We are a team of motivated professionals, dedicated management and highly skilled labor and are committed to provide the best quality products to our customers accompanied with competitive prices and on time delivery. Our main focus is on quality control so the senior management is involved in every step of production to ensure the standard of quality.
MTI has a vast portfolio of Textile and Disaster Management products that are recognized being the best of quality with efficient production and on time delivery in need of hour. A wide range of satisfied local and international clientele, MTI has achieved the heights of glory in its targeted quality conscious market.
Our production capacity caters to Grey Fabric, Twill, Drill, Satin, Canvas Cloth, Bleached Fabric, Dyed Fabric, Printed Fabric, Bed Sheet Sets, Comforters, Curtains, Table Linen, Towels,Garments and all other relief items. It will honor for Madni Textiles to approach more underdeveloped countries and provide them with our best relief products.
Our corporate offices are located in (Head Office) Lahore, Pakistan while our production facility is located in Kasur, Punjab, comprising of onsite managers, engineers, technicians and support staff who are well guided and trained on the observation of strict professionalism and adherence to company policies. Especially our factory staff is given regular trainings on HSE. Currently owning more than 1000 employees, MTI is successfully providing them with all the benefits and various facilities necessary from their well-being.

Why Choose Mission / Vision

  • Dedicated to the creativity in textile art, strictly adhering to the standards in providing quality goods to exceed customer expectations and maintaining paramount customer relation. Our vision is to be a part of rapidly growing economy of the world and grow into value-added products. Our Strategy Madni Textile is continuously making new improvements to be a long term strategic partner with the clients. As a part of our Total Quality Management philosophy, we are continuously searching for in lowering our costs in order to give the best price with the best quality to our customer.

C.E.O Message

As a Chief Executive of Madni Textile, I would like to personally extend an invitation to apply for the opportunities to do business with us. As I am closely engaged with my team of qualified and talented staff, which always look forward to explore new business opportunities, thus fulfilling market need to gain complete satisfaction of all stakeholders. We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of Textile Fabrics & Home Textile items with clients all over the world. Our ability to create forward-thinking solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage is what sets up apart. And We strongly believe in working closely with Our International Clients National and International NGOS, with the aim of “helping hand for needy “and cater the humanitarian needs in emergency situation for the people affected by crises globally and we came from strong background of textile as having our own vertical set up from weaving to finishing, and involved in this field since last 60 years. We are a constantly, creative and innovative company that has placed its values on providing quality products at affordable prices in a customer friendly environment. The policy of the company is to provide best of the best with maximum satisfaction of buyer. We do not believe on borrowing money. We always perform to use our financial strength. Our competitive core value is continuous innovation in business process, consistent quality at low marginal cost, reliability in long term business relations and in-time delivery. Our mission is to become market –leader within our specialization. In order to achieve such higher –level, I adopted zero-tolerance policy on quality, and determined to play my part in creating an environment –friendly and harmonious society to earn the trust and respect of the global community.